I'm a software development head & engineer who has had the privilege to lead & work on some of the most influential software around, spanning full lifecycle processing for the world's largest financial institutions to data mining and network management (including the software underpinning BT's telecommunications network).

This also means that I've worked with some very exciting technologies, including being at the forefront of Ajax development (at which point I should publicise one of the team's excellent work on Ajax in Action) and extreme parallelism & availability across a number of architectures. You can find out more about my professional background here.

As with anyone who professes any IT knowledge, I wind up supporting family and friends' computers. If I'm asking for your IP address, click here to display it.

Socially I'm a long-time squash player who has represented and captained several teams. You can track the progress of my current team (Yate) here.

I've recently been working on a very high-performance, low-overhead, in-memory Java store - Quinstor. It's early days but the results are looking very promising. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more at this email address